Agile software development framework scrum

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What is Scrum?

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Scrum (software development)

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What is Scrum?

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What is Agile Software Development?

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Learn how to use scrum and project management tools like Jira and Confluence to manage. Scrum is an agile way to manage a project, usually software development. Agile software development with Scrum is often perceived as a methodology; but rather than viewing Scrum as methodology, think of it as a framework for managing a process.

It is the most applied framework for agile software development. More than books have been published on Scrum and relevant topics.

Scrum is not an Agile Software Development Framework

The framework, however, has also been successfully applied in other domains, e.g. manufacturing, operations, education, marketing, finance, accounting, churches, etc. Many Scrum experts say that Scrum is a product development framework. The Scrum Alliance says: Scrum is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of principles and practices that helps teams deliver products in short cycles, enabling fast feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change.

Apr 14,  · Agile is a general term for adaptive approaches such as Scrum and Kanban that are based on the Agile Manifesto Values and Principles. Agile approaches such as Scrum emphasize an incremental development approach.

Agile is a general term for adaptive approaches such as Scrum and Kanban that are based on the Agile Manifesto Values and Principles.

Scrum (software development)

Agile approaches such as Scrum emphasize an incremental development approach that is particularly well-suited for high levels of uncertainty.

Agile software development framework scrum
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