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Acid-free paper

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What is Archival Paper?

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Sep 17,  · Many important documents need to be preserved for extended periods of time.

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Conventional paper products will slowly degrade, thanks to the high level of acid. Hahnemuhle Matte Fine Art Smooth Archival Inkjet Paper Sample Pack, x11", 14 Sheets. An archive is an accumulation of historical records or the physical place they are located.

Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime, and are kept to show the function of that person or organization.

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Professional archivists and historians generally understand archives to be records that have been naturally and. Archival paper.

Archival paper is an especially permanent, durable acid-free paper. Archival paper is meant to be used for publications of high legal, historical, or significant value. In the USA, such paper must also be approved in accordance with the ANSI standards.

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Archival paper
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