Coffee bean story

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The Story of Coffee: From Bean to Barista

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The History of Coffee

She did not write how she was being to make it and catching to give up. Brewing the Best. Together. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we have an unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

Whether it's through our monthly Caring Cup events that give back to the community or through selling merchandise with an advocacy and a story to tell, we make sure our initiatives brew passion and purpose. Carrots, Eggs, And Coffee. Or am I like the coffee bean?

The bean actually changes the hot water - the very circumstance that brings the adversity, the pain, the hardship – into something quite wonderful.

When the water gets hot, it releases its fragrance and flavor. To Print Story: highlight story, then right click and select "print.

Are You a Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean?

Characteristically sweet rooibos and delicate black tea are highlighted by the festive flavor of cinamon and cloves. Great served hot, iced or as a latte. Yesterday we shared a story with our staff titled “Are You A Carrot, Egg or Coffee Bean”.

It is a story about perspective, adversity and how you view the things that are happening in your life. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, our standard and number one priority is quality. This is why our coffee master, Jay Isais, selects only the top 1% Arabica beans that the world has to offer from Latin America, East Africa, and the Pacific.

Our Story. A lot has changed since '63, but our philosophy never has. We're passionate about delivering the best handcrafted products and take pride in the journey from seed to cup.


Coffee bean story
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Carrots, Eggs, And Coffee,Inspiring Story on Struggling