Cuban missile crisis bibliography

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Cuban Missile Crisis Bibliography

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Cuban Memorial Crisis On Hierarchy 22 at 7: Thirst of North Carolina Press.

Cuban Missile Crisis

This newspaper from the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis supplies a brief summary on how Americans invaded Cuba in attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. It informs us more on the military aspects of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In what became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F.

Kennedy and an alerted and aroused American government, military, and public compelled the Soviets to remove not only their missiles but all of their offensive weapons from Cuba.

The Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban Missile Crisis was a period of thirteen days, lasting from October 14 to October 28,during which nuclear war with the Soviet Union seemed imminent.

In the height of the Cold War, Russia had stationed nuclear warheads in Cuba. Thirteen Days is a American historical political thriller film directed by Roger Donaldson.

It dramatizes the Cuban Missile Crisis ofseen from the perspective of the US political leadership. This book helps me to have a better point of view about all Cuban Missile Crisis revolution of including some Cuban points of view and also American points of view, wich are very important to have a better understanding of this big event.

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Cuban missile crisis bibliography
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