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What are Holland Codes? What is RIASEC?

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These awards are presented to South Holland residents who reflect our values of Faith, Family and Future and who have demonstrated: FAITH: outstanding service to advance the heritage of. The Holland Codes Career Model or Holland Hexagon is a career and college exploration system that uses Holland Code assessments.

Holland Codes career tests. Finding a career that fits your personality. When you are doing tasks you like, you enjoy your work. Holland Codes are a set of personality types developed by psychologist John L.

Holland in the s. Dr. Holland 1 reasoned that people work best in work environments that match their preferences. People and work environments can be matched for a best fit. Holland Codes and the abbreviation RIASEC refer to John Holland's six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and dailywn.com Key organizes and scientifically classifies careers, college majors, career clusters, and career pathways by these personality types.

For a description of each type and how you can use personality-career and personality-major.

Holland code
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