Is religion or science more dangerous

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The hello for the laws in the U. In recent times, the “New Atheists” (principally Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens) have been enormously successful in convincing people at a popular level that science and religion stand in radical opposition, and that religion is fundamentally nonsense, even dangerous and destructive, and has nothing to offer science.

David Sloan Wilson: There's a lot about science that has the trappings of religion, but at the end of the day I want to disagree with you. I'm a veteran of the group selection wars. I'm. Religion; Science; You are here. Home; The U.S. Is a More Dangerous Country for Women than North Korea, Women’s Rights Experts Concluded If living in the United States is more dangerous for women than living in a country where boy’s and men’s bodies are used to create bonfires while women are raped and baby girls are grabbed by.

I was asked recently whether science is a religion. My answer: No, not at all, but some people treat it as if it were.

Science, Religion and Religious Minimalism

It is easy to contrast science and religion as two fundamentally different and incompatible ways of acquiring beliefs about the world. In response to the common drug war propaganda about the alleged dangers of marijuana, Russel Brand recently released a new video that asks a very good question: Is sugar more dangerous than marijuana?

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Is religion or science more dangerous
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Is science more dangerous than religion?