Paper clip to house

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Camera Clip Art Set

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Trading a paper clip for a house (Coin Challenge)

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Paper plates are great materials to use in an early childhood classroom for art. Read on for three paper plate dogs for preschool art. You will find instructions to make a dog house, pet store, and dog mask.

Think about how paper plate art is eco-friendly as they can. A paper clip was the object used in that case, but any common object will work. First divide the participants into groups of two-to-five people. Then choose an object and have everyone write down as many ways as they can think of to use it.

Straighten out the second paper clip. Pinch the end of the paper clip with the pliers and bend the long part 90 degrees to form the first ridge in the rake.

Man Trades Up From Paper Clip to House

Move the pliers down on the long part of the paper clip, and bend again at 90 degrees. Jul 13,  · About a year ago, Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald began a quest: to trade one red paper clip for a house. Finally, this week—14 trades later—he actually got a real house.

paper clip noun a flat wire or plastic clip shaped so that it can hold sheets of paper between two of its loops.

Paper clip to house
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