Paper over plastic

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Plastic Film & Paper Dielectric Capacitors

In this comparison, plastic is preferable because plastic bags are lighter in weight and more compact than paper bags. It would take approximately seven trucks to transport the same number of paper bags as can be transported by a single truck full of plastic bags.

In the end, it is a toss-up whether paper or plastic grocery bags are better for the environment. The important thing is to reuse paper and plastic bags over and over.

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Best still is to bring your own cloth bags or ask store clerks to hand you easily transportable items without bags. The Bag Book is chock full of tips and ideas for using bags to organize your life.

With categories for paper, plastic, and miscellaneous bags (totes, garbage, and so forth), there is a practical use for almost any type of bag you encounter in your household. Ron 16th August The Paper Bag Co was the only company I contacted who were happy to discuss my enquiry over the phone.

An excellent price was offered for the charity shoppers and a draft design sent within hours. Buy Reynolds Plastic Coated Freezer Paper, sf at Paper Or Plastic is filled with excellent, detailed and inspiring examples of innovative ways to reduce environmental impacts of packaging.

But the principles discussed in the examples extend beyond packaging, and as someone involved in product design, I found many ideas that I could apply to non-packaging efforts also.

Paper over plastic
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