Security paper with watermark

The Chemistry of Paper Money

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Security Features in U.S. Paper Currency

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How to identify genuine notes

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SecureGuard™ PRIME SECURITY PAPER. Security Features: TRUE SECURITY WATERMARK - Line Mark Security. HIDDEN FIBERS - visible under blacklight. CHEMICAL STAIN PROTECTION. TONER BOND SECURITY. ACID FREE PAPER: Item#: SG /2" x 11" Wrapped per package 2, sheets per carton.

A leading player in the banknote industry, Arjowiggins Security is a producer and supplier of state-of-the-art banknote paper. Thanks to our savoir-faire of more than years, we are a proud supplier for over countries throughout the world.

Copy proof paper uses microscopic printing to embed a warning message into a non-replicable security hidden and inconspicuous warning message is invisible to the naked eye, this hidden message can be seen when using a magnifying glass, or by making a copy using any photocopier, computer scanner or fax machine.

Custom Watermark Paper. When it comes to stationery, nothing is more sophisticated than a watermark. A watermark communicates a sense of style and adds a layer of security to a document -- pressed directly into the fibers and designed to be completely unique, it cannot be removed.

We make a study of the production primarily with sell bond paper, security paper, watermark bond paper, fluorescent fibre bond paper and windowed security thread bond paper.

Security paper with watermark
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What is a Watermark? (with pictures)