Synovate survey shows ascending singaporean spending

Synovate PAX survey shows spending power of affluent Asians in boom and bust

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Synovate PAX highlights spending power of regional elite

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Synovate Survey Shows Ascending Singaporean Spending Power players (up to %, a rise of a quarter over the year before), digital video cameras (% now own these, up from %) and digital still cameras (more than half of affluent Singaporeans own these - an increase from 41% in ).

The team will be responsible for the research side of the combined businesses of Ipsos MORI and Synovate in the UK in The Ipsos MORI October Political Monitor shows that two in three want the government to increase spending on public services - but only one in four think it will.

29 October Global. Synovate survey shows ascending Singaporean spending power. Synovate, a leading global market intelligence company, today released information from the Synovate PAX media survey that showed rises in wealth, product and service ownership and.

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Jean-Marc Lech and Didier Truchot, Ipsos Co-Presidents, are delighted to announce today that Ipsos has entered into an agreement with the Board of Directors of Aegis Group plc (”Aegis”) to acquire % of Synovate, excluding Aztec, for an enterprise value of £ million (€ million).

Written by Synovate 04 Aug How we spend our time and money on our partners varies significantly across countries, according to a new survey conducted by Synovate on behalf of SOLVIL et TITUS, a well known watch brand.

Synovate survey shows ascending singaporean spending
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Synovate Survey Shows Ascending Singaporean Spending Power - Sample Essays