Training alternatives

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Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP)

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Our efforts to more rapidly and effectively respond to health threats currently reach over 60 countries. We train field epidemiologists around the world, giving them the necessary skills to collect, analyze and interpret data and contribute to evidence-based decisions.

Training Alternatives, Inc. has been providing training for the human services community since In the agency extended these training sessions to a broader population including rehabilitation facilities, sports organizations, childcare providers, temporary staff, individuals and others.

Alternatives is certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to provide accredited training hours. Community Education Alternatives has speakers available to present to social clubs; civic and church groups; and youth organizations.

The MassHire Department of Career Services provides job seekers with a variety of job assistance services, including working with experienced career counselors, attending workshops and short-term training, accessing up-to-date local, statewide and national job listings, developing resumes, writing cover letters, and more.

Imagine all your trainer said was "correct" and "incorrect" during your employee trainings. Here are nine alternatives to engage an interactive training session. Health and Safety Consultancy. Call - the fastest way to comply plus gain access to our amazing free risk assessment software app and more.

Training alternatives
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